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Flat 4 x 5.5 card (set of 25)


Flat 5 x 7 card (set of 25)



Flat 5 x 5 сircle card (set of 25)

Folded 4 x 5.5 card (set of 25)

Folded 5 x 7 card (set of 25)


Pop Cards


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One Hundred Women in Water The summer of 2012 I started experimenting with water because I was blown away by the work of Christy Lee Rogers when I saw her work in a gallery in the Dallas design district.  At first I thought she was creating cool digital images with Photoshop. But then I read about her and was amazed with the ethereal images she was creating through water! Well her work me inspired to see what I could do and having a pool made it that much easier to try.  Along the way I experimented with underwater and building "rain machines".  Late last season I decided I would start a project to photograph 100 different women in some form of water to compile a collection of 100 images.  Along the way, I'll submit some to magazines to gain exposure for the models and myself and when the collection is complete, I'll compile them into a book.

Having done several shoots for the project now, I realize what I really want is for each shoot to reflect what each woman wants and be unique to her.  I'm loving the ideas everyone is bringing to the table and so if you are interested, please take full advantage to make it yours.  If you have an idea and maybe aren't sure if we can do it, ask and I'll do my best!

Things to know and answers to questions:

  • This is open to all women in the DFW area whether you live here or are going to be in town, you are welcome bring your girlfriends
  • You will be photographed in the outfit(s) of your choosing; totally up to you and your imagination
  • I do three setups with water: Rain, through and underwater; doing all three takes about 90mins
  • Any idea or theme is on the table, let's talk about what you have in mind
  • Compensation is "time for print" and you will be supplied with your choice of 5 high resolution images edited for skin smoothing and blemish removal
    • This is a personal project so I don't have budget to pay for wardrobe, makeup or pay 100 people
  • Did I mention this is open to all women - tell your girlfriends!
  • The majority of shoots will take place at my home in Carrollton, I'm open to lake shoots if you have a location picked out
  • I can generally accommodate any day or time and can be flexible should something come up that requires us to change
    • three moves will likely result in me dropping you from the list
    • no-shows without notice will be immediately dropped 
  • No experience is necessary, I'll coach you through it :)
  • You do need to know how to swim but don't need to have experience with underwater
  • A model release is required (necessary for publication whether you are a model or not)
  • You are welcome to use your own makeup artist or of course do your own
  • Escorts are welcome provided they are willing to help (hold stuff etc) and behave in a professional manner
    • Immature, jealous, suspicious and any other less than positive attitude will not be tolerated; part of this is about having fun!
  • Processing time for images is generally less than three weeks but depending on how fast shoots happen, it could be four weeks
  • Images will be posted to a gallery on this website where you will be able to review and choose the ones you want edited

Some examples of the different types:

  • Through water: the subject is below the waters surface and I am on a ladder above them shooting down at them. The linked example was taken at night  This one was taken during the day
  • Underwater: the subject and myself are both underwater
  • Rain: the subject is standing under a "machine" with the water falling over them


Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in participating.



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