The primary reason most people have their homes photographed is because they are going to sell.  A high quality set of images helps set one property apart from the cellphone snaps and gets people to take a closer look.  Given the amount of investment you are making in the sale of your property, it's a no brainer to have the best presentation possible!  But, don't limit your thinking to just the sale of your house.  How about that new remodel, addition, landscaping or paint job?  You take pride in your residence, show it off in the best possible light!

Blended Light offers Property Photography starting at $100 for interior and exterior images on homes up to 2500sqft. You can expect:

  • Images are High Dynamic, natural looking photographs from which you pick your preferred 25 images
  • They will be supplied in less than 24 hours and downloadable immediately upon payment
  • Different resolutions/sizes are provided at no additional cost
  • A linkable/embeddable Basic online walkthrough slideshow is included at no extra charge
  • No extra charge for weekends

Extras that can be added to the base offering include:

  • $40 Downloadable, High Resolution walk-through slide show with music and text overlays (text supplied by the customer)
  • $40 Evening exterior photographs
  • $200 HD Video walkthrough
  • $20 image edits such as cleaning up a pool
  • $20 trip charge for properties outside of 25mile radius of 75007
  • Homes over 2500sqft are quoted on case by case basis

Prices do not include tax

Please contact Ben Leal at 214-578-8692 (voice or text) or send email to